Finding Services

You will have the option to access eligible core clinical services through providers and agencies located across the province. Please reach out to a care coordinator to help you determine the best option for your family.

Following the completion of the determination of needs process, your care coordinator will offer to support you to make informed choices about next steps for OAP core clinical services and help you to navigate other supports within and outside of the OAP. This includes providing you and your family with resources or additional information about how to find providers, discussing your child’s priority goals and considerations for treatment, and/or addressing any questions you may have.

Once your child’s information is linked to an AccessOAP account, the programs you may be eligible to receive through the OAP will automatically appear on your family page in the portal. You can also work with a care coordinator who will be available to answer questions and will discuss your service options with you so that you can make informed decisions about the services and supports for your child.

You can use your OAP funding allocation to purchase eligible core clinical services delivered by professionals of your choice, as long as they meet the qualification requirements for professionals delivering core clinical services in the OAP. Required qualifications for service providers are outlined in the OAP Core Clinical Services and Supports Guidelines


If you are looking for providers in your area, you can also access the OAP Provider list, a voluntary directory of clinicians who meet the required qualifications to provide autism services through the Ontario Autism Program. Currently, the OAP Provider List includes clinical supervisors of behavioural services, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists


The OAP Provider List is voluntary for professionals to join. Families can also work with other experienced and trained professionals who choose not to join the list, as long as they meet the qualification requirements for professionals delivering core clinical services through the OAP as outlined in the ministry guidelines.

Families have access to care coordinators who can help them navigate the system and support them in making informed decisions about what services are right for them.

More families will be able to access core clinical services, where care coordinators will guide families through a determination of needs process to identify their child’s support needs and funding.

A modern family portal will help families understand what services are available to them, keep track of spending, directly message care coordinators within AccessOAP, and manage their personalized accounts

Yes, families will have access to care coordinators who know what services are available in their communities. Regardless of which care coordinator you connect with, once you are registered with AccessOAP they will always have access to your information and be able to answer questions and help you make informed decisions that are best for you and your family.

AccessOAP manages the intake and registration of children and youth who are eligible for the OAP.

There are three easy ways to apply:

1. Online (the fastest)

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2. Mail

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3. Phone

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