Our Vision

We see a world where children on the spectrum and their families are fulfilling their potential, in communities where they are supported and welcomed.

Our Mission

Every day, we support children, youth, and their families access the programs and services that meet their specific needs.

Our Values

  • Support - we are here to help
  • Compassion - we meet people where they are
  • Accessibility - we are within reach for everyone
  • Practicality - we help families access the tools and services that meet their needs
  • Credibility - we see every interaction as an opportunity to be trustworthy
  • Diversity - we incorporate more perspectives to better serve more people
  • Affirmation - we help each individual see their value
  • Evidence - we continually seek best practice
  • Modern - we leverage best-in-class technology to limit the burden on families and providers/agencies in the system.

Our Partners

AccessOAP is being delivered through a partnership among Accerta Services Inc, Autism Ontario, McMaster University (Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis (CHEPA) and the Offord Centre for Child Studies), and Serefin.

This partnership combines profound knowledge of autism services across Ontario, healthcare planning, clinical insight, and expert care-coordination with technical know-how in intake, registration, and reconciliation of payments. Families are at the centre of everything we do.


Accerta is a purpose-driven organization whose history of collaborating with governments to transform public programs spans 60 years. Committed to improving the lives of vulnerable and marginalized populations, reducing inequities in public programs and lessening the administrative burden for all parties, Accerta has a track record of delivering value for money. Leveraging modern technologies, Accerta keeps pace with elevated privacy and security demands and is responsive to the increased need for transparency and accountability related to public expenditures.

“Accerta is committed to helping more Ontario families access these important services and supports. With our proven administrative processes, we look forward to building trust and confidence in the Ontario Autism Program and contributing to better outcomes for children and youth on the autism spectrum.”

Peter Owsiany, President and CEO of Accerta

Autism Ontario logo

Autism Ontario

Autism Ontario is a charitable organization with over 49 years of history representing thousands of people on the autism spectrum and their families across Ontario. Autism Ontario comprises knowledgeable parents, professionals, and autistic self-advocates who can speak to the key issues that impact those with autism and their families. Autism Ontario is the province’s leading source of information and referral on autism and one of the largest collective voices representing the autism community. Autism Ontario is guided by a board of directors, composed of parents, people on the spectrum, and respected professionals, who provide governance, expertise, and guidance to the organization on a volunteer basis.

“Supporting Ontario families with children on the autism spectrum across the province has been a priority for Autism Ontario for 50 years. We are pleased to continue that evolving work through this partnership, which will allow us to help families navigate the Ontario Autism Program.”

Margaret Spoelstra, Executive Director of Autism Ontario


Serefin is a care coordination company specializing in managing complex journeys through various health and social service systems. The team prides itself on enabling highly skilled professionals, using advanced technology, to create personal, meaningful, and lasting relationships with clients. Our care coordinators function as trusted advisors, task managers and resource librarians for clients and their families. The unique project management technology that has been developed enables care coordinators to manage significant volumes of information, understand complex healthcare pathways, consolidate, and collect health records, and maintain a view of the full history of communications between clients, their providers, and their Care Coordination team. The result is that Care Coordinators can be highly leveraged, while at the same time being highly personal. This technology also allows clients to have transparent access to their health information as well as self-management tools that enable them to feel more in charge of their situations. Our program ensures that clients always have someone they trust to talk to resolve issues and address questions.

“Serefin is proud and excited to be able to provide the tools and supports that will allow children and their families to have a more coordinated, caring, and managed experience with providers and programs. We are delighted to be involved with a world-class team to create the best experience for children and families in need.”

Skip Schwartz, CEO of Serefin

McMaster University

Research experts from the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis (CHEPA) and the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University bring considerable experience in research, evaluation, data analysis, and health methodology.

CHEPA is home to one of the largest concentrations of health economists and health policy analysts in Canada, and the Offord Centre brings together experts in the fields of child development and mental health, neurodevelopmental disorder treatments and interventions, epidemiology, pediatrics and policy development. Researchers at the Offord Centre also work to bridge the research to practice gap specifically as it pertains to autism, with a focus on examining the developmental trajectories of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

This team has over 30 years of interdisciplinary health research experience and are experts at ensuring continual improvements with data-driven decision making as pioneers in the fields of large-scale longitudinal epidemiologic and community-based studies.

“We are delighted that the evidence-based research and evaluation expertise provided by McMaster University will contribute to improving the lives, health and development of children, youth and their families through the new Ontario Autism Program.”

Dr. Stelios Georgiades, McMaster Children’s Hospital Chair in Autism and Neurodevelopment; Associate Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences, Scientist, Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University.

Dr. Jean-Eric Tarride, McMaster Chair in Health Technology Management; Professor, Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact (HEI); Director, Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis (CHEPA), McMaster University; Director, Programs for Assessment of Technology in Health (PATH), The Research Institute of St. Joe’s Hamilton, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.

Common Questions

Accerta Services Inc. operates AccessOAP. Together with Autism Ontario, Serefin and McMaster University (Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis (CHEPA) and the Offord Centre for Child Studies), we will deliver services as the independent intake organization funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services to help families access autism services across the province. Learn more about AccessOAP.