Your experience with AccessOAP is important to us.

You can contact us by phone at 1-833-425-2445.

Accessing Bell Relay Service:

  • 1.800.855.0511 voice to TTY
  • 711 TTY to voice
  • 1.800.855.1155 TTY to TTY

Fax: 1-833-425-2454


Ask AccessOAP about:
  • how to create an account with AccessOAP;
  • general questions about the OAP;
  • or your situation once you have created an account with AccessOAP and given consent to the ministry to transfer your OAP record to AccessOAP.
Ask the Ontario Autism Program Central Resource Team about:
  • registering for the OAP,
  • your situation if you're registered with the OAP but not yet connected with Access OAP, or
  • childhood budgets and interim one-time funding.


Phone: 1-888-444-4530

Ask Autism Ontario about:
  • finding services, or
  • getting answers to your questions about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Phone: 1-800-472-7789

Send your feedback to our office by mail at:

P.O. Box 187 STN P
Toronto ON
M5S 2S7

or use this online form, but please do not share personal health information online.

If your comment is related to a complaint, a member of our team will get back to you within five (5) days to better understand the issue and take steps to resolve your concern by working with you, stakeholders, and the government as appropriate.